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The Weekly, 10/3/14

Dear family,

We can be sure that Jesus, who calls himself the Good Shepherd will guide us during difficult situations and circumstances. Not only does the Good Shepherd guide us, but he also saves us, speaks to us, protects us, loves us, and lays down his life for us. He came that we might have life and life abundantly—even in the hardest of this life’s seasons (John 10:7–18). Trust the Good Shepherd today.

Annual Fall Coat Drive

In Matthew 25:40, Jesus told his disciples that whatever they did for the “least of these,” they did for him. At Mars Hill, we want to follow Jesus’ words with our actions. Last year’s church-wide coa drive was blessed mightily by God. In total, we collected 1,547 coats across all our churches.

Donated coats piled high at Mars Hill Bellevue in 2013.

We want to bless our communities in the same way this year! Bring new and used coats with you to church through Sunday, October 12.

U-District Farewell Potluck | THIS SUNDAY

Mars Hill U-District’s final Sunday service is this Sunday at 10 a.m. They will be having a good old-fashioned potluck celebration afterwards starting at 12:00 p.m. Pastor Drew Hensley said this on The City:

As we gather on Sunday we’ve invited anyone and everyone who’s ever been a part of Mars Hill U-District to come and join us. We’ll be remembering what Jesus has done and celebrating him. 

If you would like to join for the celebration, please plan to bring a dish to share. If your last name starts with A-Q bring a main dish, and if it starts with R-Z, bring a dessert. 

Come celebrate all that Jesus has done in the U-District through the people of Mars Hill Church.

Downtown Seattle Farewell Bash | THIS SUNDAY

You’re invited to celebrate with us!

Mars Hill Downtown started as a church in the most notorious nightclub in Seattle and ended in the oldest church in the city. Every step in between has been a nonstop, whirlwind witness of Jesus working mightily and mysteriously in one of the cities he loves.

The party begins with one combined Sunday service at 11 am on October 5. At the close of the service, we’ll share stories and testimonies, and then have an old-fashioned church potluck, not unlike that which has happened for decades in the very building we’ve been blessed to worship in for our brief, powerful, blessed two years.

Come with a dish to pass. Come with a story to share. Come celebrate with us on this special day all that Jesus has done over these past six wonderful years.

Please RSVP on Facebook or on The City.

Sunday Service Changes

Several of our churches have changed their Sunday service schedules. The changes will happen on the following dates. For each church’s details, please check the individual sites.

As mentioned above, this Sunday will be the final services for two of our churches: Downtown Seattle and University District. Please be praying for these two congregations as they transition to surrounding Mars Hill locations. For more information, you can read this blog post from Pastor Dave Bruskas written earlier this week.

APPLY TODAY! | Short-Term Mission Trips to Ethiopia

Mars Hill will be hosting several short-term mission trips to Ethiopia in 2015.

We are so excited to host these trips in partnership with our friends at New Covenant Foundation. Several lead pastors went earlier this year to be trained and equipped to lead you this upcoming year.

The application is now available online! If you’re interested in going on one of these trips, apply today!

We are so encouraged by your overwhelming support and requests to know how you can pray for our church. Here are some ways that you can be praying for Mars Hill:

  • For those of our family who were laid off in the past month and for those who are currently transitioning. Please pray that Jesus would provide new jobs quickly and that they would be enjoyable places to be. Pray that wherever God leads them, that they would continue to be on mission sharing the love, grace, and gospel of Jesus.

Here's some blog posts and updates you may have missed this week:


Olympia: One of the Community Group leaders heard that his friend’s twins were born prematurely. Sadly, one of the babies passed away but the other one seems to be healthy and holding steady for the baby’s young age. One of his Community Group families recently had a premature baby so they are reaching out to the family to love and serve them. It is encouraging to see care and love extend beyond the walls of Mars Hill Olympia.

Spokane: During their membership interview, one couple mentioned that they attended another Mars Hill Church while they lived in the Puget Sound. They said that if they were still in the Puget Sound area, they probably would have left Mars Hill in the midst of all that is going on. However, by moving to Spokane and becoming part of the Spokane Core Group, they have been reminded why they joined Mars Hill in the first place: the Bible is being taught, Jesus is saving people, and people are desiring to live in community. It was a very encouraging.

Sammamish: One of men on the Welcome Team stopped Pastor Alex this past week to ask how things were going with the church. The gentleman told him that the controversy swirling around the church has been the subject of several conversations between him and his wife and even with neighbors who have asked lots of questions. He told him that strangely, all this turmoil has resulted in a deeper joy in his life because he understands that Jesus is working through these difficulties to change us so that we reflect who Jesus is more clearly, both as individuals and as a church.

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