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The Weekly, 8/25/14

May this truth from Scripture encourage you today: Jesus Christ prays for you and intercedes on your behalf (Rom. 8:34, Heb. 7:25). Whatever you are going through, the Lord of all creation knows the situation perfectly and he knows your heart intimately. “For it was indeed fitting that we should have such a high priest, holy, innocent, unstained, separated from sinners, and exalted above the heavens,” (Heb. 7:26). What a worthy and perfect advocate we have!

NEW SERIES | 1 John: Love One Another

We are launching our new fall series on August 24th at Bellevue and August 31st at our other churches and online. We are praying that through the study of this book of the Bible, we would continue to learn about Jesus and love like Jesus. You can read more about this series here.

Donation Update | Washington Wildfire Relief Fund

Thank you for your generosity. As of the end of last week, $47,458 had been donated for the victims of the wildfires. Please continue to give as the Lord leads you. Every dollar will go to support, aid, and help the recovery of victims in Eastern Washington. Go here to give today.

Saturday Softball | Rainier Valley and Tacoma

Mars Hill Rainier Valley answered the challenge of Mars Hill Tacoma last week, and the two churches went head to head in two softball games. The day ended with each church claiming a victory.
Members of our Rainier Valley and Tacoma churches cheer on their teammates.

Celebrations ran high on both sides of the fence as each church won a game.

RSVP | Vision Breakfast 09.11.14

Pastor Sutton Turner sent out a City post announcing our next Vision Breakfast on Thursday, September 11. Vision Breakfasts are a regular opportunity throughout the year for the leadership of Mars Hill to share a united vision with the local churches. These breakfasts allow communication with the church on a more intimate level, like a family meeting. You can RSVP for the September breakfast here.

Best Sermon Ever

The Best Sermon Ever series finishes at the local churches this weekend. We hope you were encouraged by Dr. Graham’s teaching on “A Glorious Church.” You will most certainly be challenged and encouraged by Dr. Larry Osborne this weekend as he speaks on “Accidental Pharisees.”

Dr. Larry Osborne is our final guest preacher during this series. A pioneer in the multi-site church movement, he joined us for Best Sermon Ever last summer and is the lead pastor of North Coast Church in Vista, California.

Sponsor a student for camp today

Time is running out on your opportunity to sponsor a student to go to summer camp—RED’s high school students head to camp this week. Each year, hundreds of students have the opportunity to hear about Jesus, make new friends, and make some of the best memories of their lives. Some of these students come from families that can’t afford the cost of summer camp. We invite you to change a student’s life by sponsoring them to go to camp this summer. Follow this link to take advantage of this opportunity.

Check out this video to get an idea of all that our students will experience this summer:

Short-Term Mission Trips to Ethiopia

If you are interested in going to Ethiopia with Mars Hill in 2015, we need to hear from you soon. Fill out this form to receive updates as they become available. You can read about current plans for these upcoming missions here.

Important dates

  • Aug 24–31: 1 John: Love One Another series launch
  • Aug 26–29: RED senior high summer camp at Washington Family Ranch (Register here.)
  • Sept 11: Vision Breakfast (RSVP here)
  • Nov 13: Vision Breakfast 
  • Dec 24: Christmas Eve

NEW ELDER | Pastor Tim Patton

Tim Patton was installed as a new elder at Mars Hill Church Sammamish this past weekend. Tim has been on staff as an Executive Deacon since 2012 and will now take on the role of Executive Pastor for the Sammamish church. He and his wife Sarah have three children: Gabriel, Noel, and Isabella.

From Pastor Tim: “I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan working as a CPA in public accounting for five years after college with Deloitte. Sarah and I were avid podcasters of Pastor Mark and sensed the Lord calling us to join Jesus’ mission being lived out at Mars Hill Church. After applying for and accepting a full time position on staff we moved to Washington in late fall of 2012. I have served as the Executive Deacon at Sammamish since arriving here, and I’m excited to continue serving as the Executive Pastor.”

By Mars Hill Church

By Pastor Tim Patton

By Kimm Crandall

Sammamish: A woman who attends the Sammamish church is a teacher at a local Christian school where many Mars Hill members teach. She told Pastor Alex Ghioni that they have banded together in prayer for the church and have been regularly checking in with each other to encourage and hold people accountable.

Ballard: Pastor Scott Harris performed a wedding this week for a couple that met at Mars Hill and started dating a year ago. They have been serving together for quite a while and God has been growing each of them this last year.

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