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Year in review: The ten most widely read posts of 2013

As we look forward to the new year, we would like to take a moment and reflect on some of the things we talked about here on in 2013. In case you missed them, here are 10 of the top posts from the past year:

1. Six options for godly single women wanting to marry

By Pastor Mark Driscoll

When it comes to single women who are following Jesus and hope to get married, what are the options when no possibilities appear on the horizon? The way Pastor Mark sees it, there are six options—but not all choices are created equal.

2. Two mistakes singles make

By Pastor Mark Driscoll

It ain’t easy being single, but it’s become much more common in recent years. Singles are prone to lean toward one extreme or the other, both of which are mistakes. In this post, Pastor Mark considers how it looks to both idolize marriage and demonize marriage. Which one most closely describes you?

3. Does God hate cotton blend t-shirts?

By Pastor Mark Driscoll

If Jesus fulfilled the requirements of the Old Testament law, do we still have to follow them? Which laws apply to us today, which ones do we disregard, and how do we know?

4. What happens to babies when they die?

By Pastor Mark Driscoll

The issue of abortion, along with miscarriage and the death of a baby, raises an important question that pastors frequently receive: “Where do dead babies go?” This post came on the heels of a sermon concerning the sixth commandment: do not murder.

5. 8 things that reveal a woman’s character

By Deacon Jen Smidt

While the initial attraction may be based around physical appearance, stopping there does not bode well—for you or for her.

6. Could you turn it down, please?

By Pastor Dustin Kensrue and Deacon Andy Girton

Every Mars Hill Church features a bucket of earplugs for anybody who finds the volume level too high. Exactly how loud do these services get, is it safe, and why do we do it?

7. 9 reasons to not marry someone who’s pro-choice

By Pastor Mark Driscoll

When you are single, you may not think a lot about raising kids with someone, but one pro-life parent and one pro-choice parent will create an irreconcilable conflict.

8. Sin is insanity: A pastoral word on the Boston Marathon bombings

By Pastor David Fairchild

When acts of terrorism rip apart lives, what possible comfort can there be? This post was written in direct response to the news of the Boston bombings and addresses the difficult reality of evil in our world.

9. It’s all about the numbers?

By Pastor Mark Driscoll

We count things here at Mars Hill Church, but the purpose needs to remain clear for what it is as well as what it is not. Churches that like to count are often accused of being all about the numbers in an unholy and unhealthy way; some are, some aren’t.

10. I’m thankful

By Pastor Mark Driscoll

“I’m thankful for the people of Mars Hill who are gracious with my imperfections, love me, and pray for our family as they give me the honor of being their pastor…”

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